When Black Men Dominated Horse Racing & How An Organized Effort Forced Them Out (2 hrs DVD) by Michael Imhotep



Many people don’t know that African American Jockeys used to dominate Horse Racing. When the first Kentucky Derby was ran on May 17th, 1875, 13 of the 15 jockeys were African American. Most people don’t know it was won by a 19 year old African American man named Oliver Lewis.

Among the first 28 derby winners, 15 were African American. These jockeys excelled in the sport in the late 1800s but by 1921, they had disappeared from the Kentucky race track and would not return until Marlon St. Julien rode in the 2000 race.

These men who were some of the wealthiest African Americans of their time, were pushed out of their dominate positions in horse racing because of Racism and jealous White Men after Slavery ended in 1865. Michael Imhotep is the host of The African History Network Show and founder of The African History Network. (2 Hrs DVD, Recorded 2-16-19)

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