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Declarations For African-Americans Solutions to Implement Today!!!

We told President Barack Obama what we wanted him to do for us.  Why didn’t 41 million African-Americans (in 2008) tell us what we were going to do for us or how we were going to help him, help us?  After reviewing this list of things we can do for ourselves, you will see that we didn’t have to wait for President Obama to come along for us do what needs to be done.  Just like in the Wizard of Oz.  Dorothy, The Tin Man, The Scarecrow and The Cowardly Lion already possessed what they were looking for.  We had the Power all along we just didn’t realize it.  

If you do not understand European White Supremacy and Racism, what it is and how it works, everything else that you think that you understand will totally confuse you.

1.   Recycle our GDP of $1 Trillion in 2013.  We spend 95% with European Americans, 3% with other Ethnic groups and only 2% with African-Americans.

“Here’s The Key To Ending the 14% African-American Unemployment Rate”  Read the full Article

2.  Read 1 book a month dealing with our history and culture.  If you read 10 pages per day you can get through a 300 page book in 1 month.  You can read 5 pages in the morning, a few at lunch or maybe 5 in the evening.

3.  Join an African-American organization that is working to improve the condition of African-American people.

4.  Double the number of African-American owned businesses you do business with this year and spend at least 10% of your monthly expenditures with African-American Owned Businesses.  Our own businesses are more likely to hire our own people as well as African-American Returning Citizens or Ex-Offenders which reduces recidivism.   Here’s an article that talks about this.

5.  To search for African-American Owned Businesses check with your local Black Chamber of Commerce and the “Around The Way” app for Android and Iphones also Black Enterprise Magazine showcases a lot of African-American Owned Businesses.

6.  Learn how to start a business.  80% of all new jobs created each year are created by small to medium sized businesses.  Instead of us focusing on getting jobs and asking the government to create jobs, we also need to focus on gaining the resources needed to create businesses so we can control our own jobs.  If they give it to you, then they can take it away.   A good resource to start is Black Enterprise Magazine.  Visit for an excellent online resource.

7.  Support African-American publications and subscribe to these publications such as Black Enterprise, Ebony, JET, Essence, The Harvest Institute Newsletter (from Dr. Claud Anderson), etc.

8.  Focus on reducing your conspicuous consumption.  Save 10% of your net income.  If you can’t start with 10%, maybe start with 3%-5% and work on adjusting your expenses to allow you to save more money.  The most important thing to do is to START THE HABIT.

9.  Support African-American Radio Stations and Programs.  These radio stations and programs are useful in bringing powerful information to our community.  If we don’t support them, we will lose that medium of power and support.

10.  Reduce the amount of Television we watch each week.  The average African-American Adult watches approximately 50 hours of TV a week, 7.2 hours/day.  That’s almost 1 full time jobs plus 10 hours of overtime. What could we do if we cut in half the amount of time we spent watching mindless TV, (i.e., “Basketball Wives”, “Real Housewives”, “Scandal”, etc.) and spent that time going back to school, studying entrepreneurship, studying our history and culture, learning to be better husbands, wives, mothers and fathers, etc.

11.  Expose yourself to self-improvement materials, books, lectures, etc.  A good source of Books On Tape and CD is   You can pay 1 flat monthly fee and pick which Audiobooks you want, listen to them and send them back.  There are hundreds of titles to choose from. 

12.  Increase our education levels.  Go back to school and get your degree(s), certificates, certifications especially in technology and business.  We need to use those skills we gain to create businesses and employ our own people as well as improving our communities.  We must very quickly become the largest employer of our own people.

13.  Gain Financial Literacy Skills – We must learn to better manage our money, operate within a budget, understand and implement principles of saving and investing, etc.  A good source to start to learn is 

14.  Increase our health levels by leading a health lifestlye.  If we don’t take care of our bodies, we will not be able to do everything else.  We must become more educated on Alternative Medicine and Holistic Medicine.  WE are literally eating ourselves to death and our children are imitating what they see.  Check out

15.  The CHANGE you want to see, starts with who you see in the mirror.  Ask yourself how are you going to change the community you live in and the world. 

16.  Increase you Streams of Income – Gail Perry Mason, co – author of “Girl get your money straight”, teaches us that we need to have 5 Streams of income.  This means 5 different ways for you to make money and not just rely on your job.  J.O.B. means Just Over Broke.  Figure out what other talents you have that you can make money with. 

Her book has been featured on Oprah along with her co-author Glinda Bridgforth.  For more information visit,

17.  Choose an African-Centered website as your Home Page.  Usually your Home Page is predetermined by your Internet Service Provider.  It may be or Comcast’s website.  You can however change it to what ever you want.  When you choose an African-American website, you help increase their monthly hits which help determine advertising rates.  This will help their bottom line and eventually they can do more for our community including hire more of us. 

A few suggestions are, (an African-American news outlet owned by Radio One),,  and (an excellent news source for African-American and African News),

18.  We cannot become so conscious, that we become unconscious to the fact that everyone is not as conscious as we are.  Don’t assume just because you know something, everyone else does.

19.  Listen to The African History Network Show every Thursday, 8pm-10pm EST with host Michael Imhotep (founder of The African History Network) at www.AfricanHistoryNetwork or by phone at (914) 338-1375.

20.  Print up these Declarations and post them on your wall to remind you to follow them.  Share them with your friends and family and organizations and tell them to visit

21. Stop using the N-Word and referring to African Americans or African people in dehumanizing terms.  This includes referring to our women as B*tches, Hoes, Hoodrats, THOTS, etc.  When you dehumanize yourself like this and put it in your music you are training people in how to treat you.  Why is it that the same record companies that put out negative music about our people don’t do the same thing in reference to their people?  You can’t put out negative music about Jews, Gays, Police Officers, etc.  Why are African Americans the only ones who can be disrespected?  If “Black LIVES Matter”, they first have to matter to Black people.  It’s very hard to ask other people to respect your humanity when you dehumanize yourself.  Kaba Kamene (aka Booker T. Coleman) of “Hidden Colors” explains the history of the N-Word.

Wise Intelligent of The Poor Righteous Teachers explains why Hip-Hop went from positive to Negative.

22.  We have to realize that all African Americans are not going to wake up during this lifetime.  Some of them hopefully will get it next lifetime.  We have work with those who want to know, learn and are open to the information.  Harriet Tubman said it best.  She said “I freed a thousand slaves, I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were SLAVES”.

23.  Dr. Boyce Watkins wrote an article outlining “The 10 Commandments of Black Economic Empowerment”.  Read it, learn it and use it.
 “The 10 Commandments of Black Economic Empowerment”.

24.  Educate yourself on “The Black Freedmen Indian Treaty of 1866” and push to have it enforced for African Americans.  This is your best chance to get any type of Reparations.  This Treaty needs to be combined with the U.S. Government’s official apology for Slavery. 

Little Known African American History Fact: Did you know that The U.S. House of Representatives on July 29th, 2008 in House Resolution, 194 “APOLOGIZED FOR THE ENSLAVEMENT OF AFRICAN AMERICANS for 246 years and DECADES of JIM CROW SEGREGATION”?
Text of Apologizing for the enslavement and racial segregation of African-Americans.

In any political election, enforcement of “The Black Freedment Indian Treaty of 1866” should be one of the items on the Agenda that the African American community pushes to political candidates.  This has to pushed by elected officials on all levels and to the White House. Watch our interview with Dr. Claud Anderson about this Treaty. 

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